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KUALA LUMPUR: Moral and Islamic Studies will be scrapped by 2005 and replaced by a new subject that will be studied by both Muslim and non muslim students.Education director-general Datuk Abdul Rafie Mahat said the new subject which is yet to be named will be introduced from Year Four instead of year one and is designed to promote nation building patriotism and civic mindedness among the younger generation. This change is being made based on the needs of the nation and feedback we have received on Moral and Islamic Studies. The CDS (Curriculum Development Centre) is finalising the syllabus. Abdul Rafie told the Star. Instead of being divided into two groups to study different subject all student would now learn values and citizenship together. Muslim will continue to take Islamic Studies but only after school hours he added.Abdul Rafie said the content of the new subject would be more civic like and student would learn about each other's cultures and history.

Another focus of the new subject would be national unity which would be in keeping with the national service syllabus that was being drawn up for 18 year olds next year. This is way of complementing the national service programme. In June national service was made compulsory for one fourth of SPM school leavers selected randomly. They would have to undergo three month training aimed at promoting the spirit of patriotism and for character building.

As a compenent of the new subject the ministry was considering social work as an organised extra curricular activity. With the new subject he hope students would be more appreciative of what they have and their countyr. On the status of Islamic Studies he said would follow a new program which he declined to elaborate. However ministry sources said that Islamic Studies would be based on the Kafa programme under which imams would teach the subject. Last month the Prime Minister religious adviser Tan Sri Dr Abdul Hamid Othman announced that the government was going back to the basic to groom Imam as religious and quran teacher to help mould the younger generation into better citizen and eradicate social problem. Currently teachers and not imam teach Islamic studies. Abdul Rafie said the introduction of the new subject encompassed a lot of works including writing new text books and training teacher hence the time it would take to implement it. If I had it my way I would say start as soon as possible but that it not feasible. We have to look at thing carefully and we are still getting feedback on it content and implementation. He added.

Sebelum ini Sekolah Agama Rakyat menerima padah daripada tindakan UMNO sehingga menjadikan sekolah agama rakyat ada yang ditutup dan ada yang tinggal nyawa-nyawa ikan. Tindakan terbaru sekularis UMNO sekarang ia usaha penuh ketekunan untuk menghapuskan terus subjek Pendidikan Islam dari arus perdana Sistem Pendidikan Malaysia. Insyaallah selepas ini akan menyusul pula giliran Bahasa Melayu untuk menjadi mangsa. Ini kerana BM semakin hilang kepentingan dalam Sistem Pendidikan Malaysia, bahasa orang kampung dan bukan bahasa ilmu. Kalau pergi ke pusat membeli belah di bandar-bandar besar suara Bahasa Melayu hilang terus ditelan oleh kebingitan Bahasa Inggeris dan Mandrin. Sekarang peranan BM dalam sektor kerajaan semakin semakin dikurangkan kepentingannya kerana rata-rata kakitangan digalakkan untuk bertutur dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Maka jadilah BM bahasa terpinggir kerana tiada peranan penting dalam sektor kerajaan dan langsung tiada kepentingan dalam sektor swasta. Inilah yang akan kita perhatikan sekiranya UMNO terus berkuasa.


Terbitan : 22 Ogos 2003

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